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Construction Articles
1) Locomotives
LNER(ex-GC) N5 0-6-2T (GRS electric kit)
GWR Dean Goods (GRS electric kit) (in preparation)
LNER (ex-GE) Y6 0-4-0 Tram Loco (Live Steam Conversion from GRS Kit)
LMS Fowler 4F 0-6-0 Kit (GRS electric kit)
2) Carriages
LNER Gresley Non-Vestibule Compartment Stock (GRS kits) (in preparation)

3) Freight Stock
Great Northern 8 Ton Van (Williams Models Kit)
Great Central 10 Ton Van (Wagon & Carriage Works Kit)
LNER 8 Ton Ventilated Refrigerator Van (Wagon & Carriage Works Kit)
Petroleum Tank Wagon 14 Ton (ex-Air Ministry 1939 design) (GRS Kit)
Great Eastern Railway 10 Ton Van (Williams Models Kit)
Producing wagon castings at home ... Batch-build your wagon fleet.
4) Miscellaneous Items
Platelayer’s Trolley (a quick and easy model)

5) Transfers
GWR K-Type Container No K- 1347 (suitable for Cream over Chocolate livery only)
GWR K-Type Container No K- 1370 (suitable for Cream over Chocolate livery only)

6) Trackwork