G3 Made Simple
These transfers are made available solely for personal use and may not be replicated for any other purpose without prior permission (artwork produced by John Candy).
Print onto decal film with an inkjet or laser printer (if using inkjet protect with a clear acrylic spray before immersing in water).
Sheet GWK1370.pdf is suitable for use on the GRS K-type container and provides the only authentic lettering used with the cream-over-chocolate livery. The GWR 'twin shields' device is available from other sources, including GRS.
Sheet GWK1347.pdf provides an alternative authentic number and tare for the GRS K-type container (only for the cream-over-chocolate livery).
Sheet NatBenz.pdf provides an authentic and colourful post-war livery for the GRS kit for the ex-Air Ministry tank wagon and is an alternative to the Esso and Shell-BP liveries available from GRS. Construction notes for this kit can be found here.
Sheet LNERRefrig.pdf provides lettering for the Diagram 20 timber underframe ventilated refrigerator van and suits 'The Wagon & Carriage Works' brass kit for this vehicle, the construction notes for which can be found here.
Transfers & Other Miscellaneous
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